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Benicar operates a high blood pressure. It works, blocking effect of a hormone of II. not meeting resistance named angiotensin, this substance induces blood vessels to conclude the contract, action which tends to lift a blood pressure. Benicar weakens and expands blood vessels, allowing pressure to go down. The medicine can be ordered one or with other treatments of a blood pressure.


The most important fact about Benicar.

You should take Benicar on a regular basis for this purpose to be effective. As the blood pressure is reduced gradually, can be for some weeks before you receive essential benefits from Benicar, and you should continue to take it even that you feel well. Benicar does not cure a high blood pressure; it simply holds it at the control.

Why should Benicar not be prescribed?

If you have allergic reaction on Benicar, you will be unable to use it.

Special warnings about Benicar.

Benicar can cause serious decrease in a blood pressure, it is especial when you all over again start to take a medicine. The problem, more probably, will take place, if delivery of your body of water has been exhausted{settled} by diuretic means (water pills). Attributes include levity, dizziness, and weakness. If you develop this problem, lie down and contact to your doctor. You, probably, should adjust your dose.

If you have kidney illness, or close cardiac arrest, Benicar should be used with caution. In people with these problems, Benicar, as is known, harmed to kidney function or even conducted to kidney refusal.

Benicar recommended dosage.


Usual starting dose – 20 mg once daily. If your blood pressure has not gone down enough after 2 weeks, the doctor can lift a dose to 40 mg once a day. If you take diuretic means, your starting dose can be smaller than usually.

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