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Usage of Bextra.

Bextra – a member concerning a new class soothing named COX-2 inhibitor. It is offered for simplification osteoarthritis, a rheumatic arthritis, and painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea).


COX-2 inhibitor – a part of the greater group of treatments named not steroid antiseditious medicines (NSAIDs). All medicines in this category (including such familiar means as aspirin, Motrin, and Naprosyn) reduce a pain and ignition, limiting effect of natural enzyme named COX-2. As against grown-up NSAIDs, however, new COX-2 inhibitor do not collide with the HELMSMAN of the BOAT 1, the connected enzyme which shows protective effect on alignment of a stomach. In result, Bextra and other COX-2 inhibitor, less probably, will cause a bleeding and ulcers which sometimes accompany with maintained use of grown-up NSAIDs.

The most important fact about Bextra.

Though opportunities of a stomach or an intestinal bleeding low, small danger remains. Be convinced, that have told to your doctor if you ever had this type of a problem, and to be emergency for attributes of a bleeding such as discomfort of a stomach or black, stop stools. The problem becomes more probable, longer you take this treatment, but can strike at any time without the warning.

Why should Bextra not be prescribed?

Do not take Bextra if you ever had allergic reaction to a medicine or if you have an allergy on the antibiotics known as sulfonamides (Bactrim, Cotrim, Septra).

Besides do not take Bextra if aspirin or another NSAIDs ever allowed to you an asthma, beehives, or allergic reaction. The opportunity of serious reaction exists.

Special warnings about Bextra.

The warning of attributes of dangerous allergic reaction on Bextra includes a rash of a skin, inflating of the person, language, or a throat, and breath of difficulty. Search for medical aid immediately if these attributes develop after dose Bextra.

Bextra it is more probable to cause serious problems of a stomach if you had ulcers or bleeding in the past. Senior adult and those in poor health also are more vulnerable, as – people which consider with steroids type prednisone or blood thinners such as aspirin and Coumadin. Other factors which increase your risk, include smoking, alcoholism, and long-term use NSAIDs. If you meet any of these criteria, use Bextra with extreme caution.

Bextra and another NSAIDs sometimes cause problems of a liver. Attributes of the warning include a nausea, weariness, a rash itching, a correct top pain of the stomach, attributes similar to a flu, and yellowing skin and an eye. If you develop these attributes, stop to take Bextra and cause your doctor immediately.

Long-term use NSAIDs such as Bextra can damage kidneys, is especial in people with cardiac arrest, poor kidney function, or problems of a liver. Also at higher risk of a problem the senior adults, the individuals carrying dehydration, and people accepting water pills or inhibitors of the ACE for a high blood pressure. If any of these factors addresses to you, make sure, that the doctor knows about it. If you have advanced kidney illness, Bextra it is not recommended.

Bextra sometimes causes liquid detention which can worsen inflating, a high blood pressure, and cardiac arrest. Use this medicine with caution if you have any of these conditions.

Caution also is guaranteed, if you have an asthma. Bextra could cause a serious attack, it is especial if you also are sensitive to aspirin.

If you took treatment of steroid for an arthritis, do not stop it sharply when you start to take Bextra. Bextra – not the assistant to such medicines. As Bextra reduces ignition, a fever, and a pain, it can hide attributes of an infection. Let any doctor whom you see, know, that you take this medicine.

Bextra has not been checked up on use in children up to 18.

Bextra recommended dosage.


Osteoarthritis and the Rheumatic Arthritis

Recommended dose – 10 mg once a day.

Painful Menstruation

Recommended dose – 20 mg two times day.

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