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Today antidepressants play an important role for those people suffering from various mental disorders. Such widely known preparations as Zoloft, Lexapro, Celexa help to improve a patient’s mood, sleep, concentration, and appetite.

However, besides the key function of antidepressants, the present review reveals a new tendency in their application. This refers to a female state known by a medical term – menopause. This state usually starts closer to 50 years and refers only to women. The state is characterized by a reduction in menstrual bloodings, thus decreasing the endocrine profile. These changes may often arise the decrease in mood, absence of appetite, headaches and frequent hot flashes.

Hot flashes can happen any time, and are accompanied by the abundant sweat production and acute fluxion to head. Hot flashes happen usually due to menopause and are very common. According to the statistics 3 out of 4 women experience hot flashes as they go through menopause.

Just for this reason antidepressants are prescribed more and more often, leaving aside the traditional hormonal treatment for the discomfort of menopause. The use of hormone drugs has fallen since 2002, when a government study supposed that their use may lead to stroke and breast cancer.

First experiments in this field were held on Lexapro drug, though other antidepressants are becoming more and more popular as well in treatment of hot flashes.

As the study showed, Lexapro reduced hot flashes with minimal side effects in two pilot investigations. One of the studies took place at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. It included the comparison between the efficacy of Lexapro and a certain placebo. Those women who took Lexapro observed the reduction in the frequency and severity of hot flashes. The average frequency of hot flashes at the beginning of the study was 9.8 per day. With the use of Lexapro, the hot flashes decreased to 5.26 per day. Those women receiving a placebo had 6.43 hot flashes per day. Lexapro also significantly reduced the severity of hot flashes compared to the placebo.

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