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The world of contraceptions nowadays is much more variable than several decades ago. Among all of them a woman should find what is the most suitable for her. This may take time in order to try different variants and finally chose the best. The main factors a woman should pay her attention to are: effectiveness of the drug, safety, comfortability, price and quality of the medication.. Before starting a treatment, gather facts about your general health, lifestyle and types of personal relations you have. It is advisable to consult your doctor about all possible kinds of contraceptives.

  • Some myths on when a woman can not get pregnant:
  • the very first time of having sexual intercourse
  • if a woman had sex before her first period
  • having sex during period
  • withdrawing penis before ejaculation
  • forgetting to take a pill just for one day

The oldest methods of contraceptions are: lactational, coitus interruptus, some special barrier methods and various herbal methods. A modern woman should take a very good care of her health and realize how unplanned pregnancies may reflect on her life and career.

On a different age stage, women prefer different types of contraceptions: the leading method for women younger than 30 years is a pill, while women older than 35 years are more reliable on sterilization. Still sterilization remains the most preferred method between Afro-american and Hispanic women. Among teenagers and people in their 20’s pills remains the leading drugs. Nevertheless men should also respect their partners and take care of sex safety by means of condoms.

Another type of contraception for women is implant system. It works by means of releasing some certain substances into the womb. This contraceptive type does not affect liver or gastro-intestinal tract.

Our pharmacy online store provides a wide variety of contraceptives suitable different kinds of women and their needs. Furthermore, we provide a full description of every medicine to assure our customers in their effectiveness and safety.

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