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Viruses can be compared to capsules that keep a genetic material inside of them. They are very small, much smaller than bacteria. Viruses can cause various types of infections, starting from common flu and up to very serious illnesses like chicken pox, hemorrhagic fevers, AIDS. Viruses work rather cruel: they attack a healthy cell and use it to multiply and produce the copies of themselves. As a result this kills a cell and a person becomes sick.

Viruses are very hard to get rid off since they live inside your cell. Every new virus gets an immunity to treatment and it is necessary to find out its weakest place again and again. Antibiotics are useless in fighting viruses, but vaccines may help you not to get many viruses.

Places of getting a viral infections are multiple: we can swallow or inhale a virus, we can get virus infection from an insect or a parasite. It is also possible to get infection through a sexual intercourse. In most cases the weakest points are nose, throat and upper airways. To find out what kind of virus infection a particular patient has, it is necessary to undergo some blood tests and examine infected tissues.

Drugs helping to fight viral infections are called antiviral drugs. Most of these drugs work by interfering with the viral replication. It is rather hard to develop new antiviral drugs that would help to fight viral infections.

Our pharmacy online store offers several of such medications, but it is necessary to consult with your doctor first about any kind of drug you might have to take.

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