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All of the health care providers agree with a fact that overweight and obesity are the main risk factors which contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high cholesterol. Clinical investigations show that even insignificant weight loss (5-10kg) may significantly improve the general health conditions, lower blood pressure and cholesterol blood levels.

Your body weight is controlled by an amount of calories you take and a number of calories your organism burns. If you get more calories that your organism is able to use, the rest of unused calories are converted into the fat tissue. This ultimately leads to increase of your body weight.

So if you need to loose your body weigh you have to decrease the amount of calories you receive with food as well as increase increase your physical activity (this will help you to enhance you metabolism and increases the amount of calories broken down by the organism).

Successful and effective weight loss program is usually based on a complex approach which include: low-calorie diet, moderate physical exercises and weight loss drugs and supplement. Some clinical programs may also include a very-low-calorie diet and even surgical intervention (for patients with severe obesity).

A very-low-calorie diet allows to consume not more than 800Kcal per day. This diets helps to decrease your body weight faster than common low-calorie diets. In most cases a very-low-calorie diet causes a lot of side effects. Dietologists suggest this type of diet only for patients with body mass index (BMI) more than 30.

Weight loss drugs are used only in overweight or obese patients. There are not intended for the improvement of your appearance. Currently there are approved some weigh loss drugs such as Xenical, Alli, Meridia. Xenical and Alli contain the same active ingredients Orlistat. Orlistat works by inhibiting the enzyme called lipoprotein lipase. By inhibiting this enzyme Xenical and Alli help to decrease the amount of fats absorbed from the food into the blood circulation. The side effects common for Xenical and Alli are oily spotting, abdominal pain and meteorism, fatty stool and other.

Another group of weight loss drugs are appetite suppressants (Meridia). Meridia(sibuttramine) works by increasing the amount of certain chemicals in the brain. This promotes a sense of fullness. Meridia may cause dry mouth, headache, loss of appetite, constipation and other side effects.

Weigh loss supplements include a great number of herbal supplement which works in different ways. The most popular herbal supplements include Lida, ACAI Berry and a wide variety of weight loss tea.

All of these preparation may serve as additional help in your weight loss program.

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