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Desowen Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Desowen – drug of a steroid which reduces itching and ignition of a variety of problems of a skin. This prescription is applied directly to a skin.

The most important facts.

When you use Desowen, you inevitably absorb a part of treatment through your skin and in a blood-groove. Too big absorption can conduct to undesirable side effects in the other place in a body. To hold this problem to a minimum, avoid to use plenties Desowen on the big areas, and to not make cover it with hermetic ornaments such as a plastic wrapper or sticky bandages if definitely told to your doctor.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

You should not take this prescription if you are sensitive or allergic on any of its components.

As treatments of a steroid can collide their growth and development, children need to give the lowest force which provides effective therapy. Safety and efficiency DesOwen in children have not been established.

Special warnings.

If the irritation develops, or if your condition of a skin does not heal within 2 weeks, inform your doctor.

Avoid covering the considered area with water-proof diapers or plastic trousers. They can increase undesirable absorption Desowen.

The big doses of steroids, applied on the big area, and long-term use of these drugs, it is especial when the considered areas are closed, can cause increases in sugar of blood or sugar in urine, Cushing’s syndrome (a condition, characterized having the form of the moon the person, emotional disorders, a high blood pressure, increase in weight, and, in women, growth of hair of a body), and effects on an adrenal gland, a hypophysis, and hypothalamus.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.


This prescription should be applied to the mentioned area as thin film, with 2 up to 4 times day, depending on gravity of a condition. Apply DesOwen 2 or 3 times daily.

Bandage or another covering can be ordered by your doctor apply on the mentioned area for psoriasis or conditions which do not answer just as expected.

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