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Usage of Docusates without doctor’s consultation:

Docusates helps liquids to mix up with a stool to interfere with them to become firm or dry. It is used to consider a lock.

Laxative should be used only temporarily before normal returning habits of a gut. Long use can conduct to laxative dependence. To prevent a lock: drink 4 – 6 glasses of water daily, include the most part or rough I peep in your diet, and exercise it is regular.


Before a capture docusate, tell to your doctor or the pharmacist if you have an allergy on it; or if you have any other allergies. Before use of this prescription, tell to your doctor or the pharmacist your medical history. This prescription should be used only when it is clearly necessary during pregnancy. Discuss risks and benefits with your doctor. It is not known, whether passes this prescription in chest milk. Consult to your doctor before feeding by a breast.

Used for: No prescription required.

Capsules swallow and the whole of tablets with a full glass of water or juice. The liquid and needs to be given forms of a syrup in 6 – 8 ounces of milk or juice to prevent irritation of a throat. The simplification usually turns out through 1 – 3 days after the first dose.


This prescription is not recommended for use with mineral oil. Ask your doctor or the pharmacist for a lot of details. Before use of this drug, tell to your doctor or the pharmacist of the instruction and sold without recipe / grassy products, that you can use, is especial: aspirin.

Side Effects:

This prescription can hurt a stomach, cramping or the irritated throat (a liquid and forms of a syrup). If these effects proceed or become annoying, inform your doctor. Notify your doctor if you test: a rash of a skin, a rectal bleeding, lack of excrements. Often use laxative can cause a dehydration and loss of essential nutrients. Attributes include spasmes of a muscle, weakness of a muscle or dizziness. Maintain adequate liquid consumption at use of this prescription. If you notice other effects which have been not above mentioned, contact your doctor or the pharmacist.

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