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Usage of Fluphenazine without doctor’s consultation:

This prescription is used to consider attributes of some types of intellectual or emotional conditions.

Fluphenazine PRECAUTIONS:

Tell to your doctor your medical history, it is especial: very highly or very low blood pressure, a liver or intimate illness, Reye’s syndrome, alcohol or dependences of a prescription, a problem of nervous system, disorders of blood, an allergy (especially allergies of a prescription). Show discretion carrying out problem which demand vigilance, such as movement or use of machines. Use of alcohol can cause extreme drowsiness. Avoid uses of alcohol. This prescription can increase sensitivity a sunlight. Avoid a long exposure of the sun, also carry a sun-protection cream and protective clothes when you are exposed to the sun. This prescription can reduce the sweating making you more susceptible, to heat up impact. Avoid hard work or exercise in hot weather. This prescription is not intended for use in children less than 12 years of age. Fluphenazine it is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Consult to your doctor before use of this prescription. Certain drugs close concerned with fluphenazine (phenothiazine) – excreted in chest milk and can have undesirable effects on the chest baby. Consult to your doctor before feeding by a breast.

Used for: No prescription required.

Take with the foodstuffs or milk if frustration of a stomach occurs if not it is directed differently to your doctor. This prescription should be taken as it is offered. Do not stop to take this prescription suddenly, not consulting with your doctor. Some conditions can worsen, if treatment is suddenly stopped. It can be required about two weeks for full benefit of this drug to come into force.

Side Effects:

The lock, drowsiness, vision changes or a dry mouth can take place. If any of these effects which persist or worsens, notifies your doctor. Hardly to occur, but to inform quickly: restlessness, rigidity of a muscle, weakness, conversation of difficulty, loss of balance, a mask – similarly to a look, a shiver or fluctuation, dizziness, beating of a lip or other movements not giving in to the control, urinating difficulty, a rash of a skin, decolouration of a skin.
Very hardly to occur, but to inform quickly: the inflamed throat, a unusual bleeding or beating, a pain of a stomach, yellowing an eye or skin, dark urine, a hot dry skin, vomitting. Though very hardly to occur, notify your doctor immediately if you test any of the following effects: serious rigidity of a muscle, confusion, a fever, attacks, the irregular / fast palpation, the increased sweating, long / painful installation.

In an improbable case you have serious allergic reaction to this prescription, search for health services immediate. Attributes of serious allergic reaction include: a rash itching, a swelling, serious dizziness, breath of trouble. If you notice other effects which have been not above mentioned, contact your doctor or the pharmacist.

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