How should I use KAMAGRA?

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Kamagra and other sildenafil citrate medicines are totally different from other medicines when it comes down to using it. Other medication needs to be taken daily, while sildenafil is only being used when you want to have an erection. Though it’s a fact that on the long term sildenafil helps curing erectile dysfunctions, we advise you not to use a maximum of about 100mg per day of Kamagra tablets, Kamagra Oral Gel or any other sildenafil medicine.

The way you should use sildenafil also depends on how your sex life is. The best thing you can do is only have planned sex and take the Kamagra Jelly or Kamagra pill about one hour before having sex.

If you for example have a few days a week that you might have sex in the evenings, then we advice you to take 50mg or so an hour before going to bed. When there’s no sex after taking that 50mg portion of Kamagra, then the effects of the Oral Jelly or pill still help you cure your erectile dysfunction on the long run.

If you’re someone who is planning to go out for an evening or two in the weekend and might have sex during this weekend, then taking Levitra might be the best thing for you since this pill will work for about 36 hours or so.

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