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Usage of Isoniazid without doctor’s consultation:

This prescription is used to prevent and treat a tuberculosis.

Seldom, this prescription has caused serious (sometimes fatal) problems of a liver (for example, a hepatites). Problems of a liver increase with the years and with daily use of alcohol. The hepatites can develop with use of this prescription at any time during treatment. Stop to use this drug and notify your doctor immediately if you develop unusual weariness, weakness, loss of appetite, a nausea, vomitting, dark urine, yellowing an eye or skin, or a stomach or a belly pain. Your doctor can decide to begin repeatedly slowly isoniazid after these attributes disappear also returning of tests of laboratory to normal. People with active (sharp) problems of a liver should not use this prescription for preventive treatment while problems of a liver have not stopped. Your doctor will supervise your tests of function of a liver at least every month to discuss yours progress.

Periodic tests of an eye can be made, while you take this drug.


Tell to your doctor your medical history, it is especial: a kidney or problems of a liver, a diabetes, use of alcohol, the previous treatment for a tuberculosis, any allergies. Alcohol can reduce efficiency isoniazid and increase side effect. Minimize consumption of alcohol. This prescription should be used only when it is clearly necessary during pregnancy. Discuss risks and benefits with your doctor. ISONIAZID – excreted in chest milk. Consult to your doctor before feeding by a breast.

Used for:

This prescription – the best taken on an empty stomach 1 hour before or later 2 hours after food. But it can be taken with the foodstuffs or milk if frustration of a stomach occurs. Take as it is directed. Do not stop to take this drug without approval of your doctor. The stop of therapy can early be terminated by inefficient treatment, and the infection could come back. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) appendices can be ordered in addition to this prescription to prevent tolerance and a tingling.


Tell to your doctor of all treatments, that you can use (both the instruction and sold without the recipe) is especial: others MAO inhibitors (for example, furazolidone, linezolid, moclobemide, phenelzine procarbazine, selegiline, isocarboxazid, tranylcypromine)., similar to adrenaline drugs (for example, sympathomimetics such as ephedra, phenylpropanolamine), serotonin – has printed drugs (switching SSRI energizers and triptans such as sumatriptan), containing aluminium antacids, disulfiram, Phenytoinum, rifampin, carbamazepine. In very rare cases, isoniazid (INH) can cause washing off of a skin or attributes of a high blood pressure of type unusually quickly or to slow down palpation, vomitting, sweating, a headache, a pain of a breast, sudden vision changes, unilateral weakness or the speech made inarticulately.

Tell, that your doctor immediately should occur these attributes. If these reactions really occur, it is important, that you follow special dietary restrictions to limit quantity tyramine and a histamine in your diet while you take this medicine. Foodstuff and drinks highly in tyramine needs to be avoided (see, mention below).

Excessive quantities of coffee, chocolate, sour cream, or an avocado can make also attributes of a high blood pressure in very rare cases. Highly tyramine pleased foodstuff include: In the age of cheeses ( camembert, emmenthaler, brie, stilton dark blue, gruyere, gouda, a brick, bleu, a Roquefort cheese, boursault, provolone, liederdranz, colby, edam), aged/dried/fermented/salted/smoked/pickled/processed meat and a fish (includes bacon, summer sausage, liverwurst, hot dogs, corned a beef, a salami, Bologna, a ham, mortadella, the salted or dried up herring), a banana thin skin, a beef and a liver of a chicken (stored, not fresh), cubes of a broth, commercial sauces, has concentrated extraction of yeast (marmite), fava beans, the Italian green beans, wide beans, fermented cottage cheese of a bean, self-made bread made active by yeast, miso, orange cellulose, the overripe or spoiled fruits, packaged soups, red wine, a sauerkraut, a cherry, pods of a pea of a snow, bread of ferment, sauce of a soya, a bean of a soya, paste of a bean of a soya, beer of a signal and beer.

Consult to your professional of public health services (for example., the doctor, the pharmacist) behind the additional information, including the certain recommendations for your diet if it is necessary. This prescription can interfere with efficiency of contraceptive pills. Discuss use of other methods of restriction of birth rate with your doctor. ISONIAZID can cause false positive results in some diabetic urine checking products (cupric type of sulfate). Consult to your doctor or the pharmacist for recommendations. Do not begin or stop any medicine without approval of the pharmacist or the doctor.

Side Effects:

Can cause frustration of a stomach, a heartburn, a nausea or dizziness. These effects should disappear, as your body adjusts to treatment. If these effects are kept or become annoying, inform your doctor. Notify your doctor if you test: vision blurred, blackout wet, a rash of a skin, yellowing an eye or skin, tolerance or tinglings of hands or legs. In an improbable case you have allergic reaction to this prescription, search for health services immediate. Attributes of allergic reaction include: a rash itching, a swelling, dizziness, breath of trouble. If you notice other effects which have been not above mentioned, contact your doctor or the pharmacist.

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