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Usage of Isoxsuprine without doctor’s consultation:

This prescription helps to expand blood vessels so streams of blood better. It is used in Raynaud’s disease and other disorders of blood vessels to improve a stream of blood.

Isoxsuprine PRECAUTIONS:

Tell to your doctor if you have: disorders of blood or bleeding episodes, allergies (especially allergies of a prescription). This drug should be used, only if clearly required during pregnancy. Discuss risks and benefits with your doctor. As small quantities of this prescription are found in chest milk, consult to your doctor before feeding by a breast.

Used for: No prescription required.

Take this prescription as it is offered. Do not stop to take this prescription, not consulting with your doctor. This prescription was used investigationally to consider dysmenorrhea, threatened abortion and a premature labour.


Tell to your doctor of anyone over-the-counter or treatments of the instruction, that you can take. Avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks at a capture of this prescription as the risk of dizziness can be increased. Do not begin or stop any medicine without approval of the pharmacist or the doctor.

Side Effects:

The dizziness, washing off, frustration of a stomach, loss of appetite, a nausea, a shiver, weakness or nervousness can take place the first some days as your body adjusts to treatment. If any of these effects proceeds or becomes annoying, inform your doctor. To avoid dizziness and lightheadedness at increase from the placed or laying position, rise slowly. Also limit your consumption of alcoholic drinks and avoid to overheat, which will worsen these effects. Notify your doctor if you develop: a pain of the breast, firing palpation, a rash of a skin. If you notice other effects which have been not above mentioned, contact your doctor or the pharmacist.

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