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Nuelin Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Nuelin, oral treatment of bronchodilator, is given to consider attributes of an asthma, a chronic bronchitis, and an emphysema. Active component of this prescription, theophylline, is the chemical cousin of caffeine. It opens air lines, weakening a smooth muscle which is turned before pipes and blood vessels in easy.

The most important facts.

Nuelin – treatment of operate – release. For resolute attack you should take treatment of direct release instead of lot Nuelin. If you develop the status asthmaticus (serious difficulty of breath which does not make clear up with your usual treatments), do not take additional Nuelin; instead of it, search for treatment immediately. As even small additional Nuelin can make overdose, you need to be considered in a place where the close control is possible.

Individual doses are defined by the answer of the person (reduction in attributes of an asthma). To avoid overdosing or underdosing, your doctor will execute correct tests to define amount this prescription in your blood-groove.

You should not change from Nuelin up to other mark without the first consultation your doctor or the pharmacist. The products made by the various companies cannot be equally effective.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

Do not take Nuelin if you ever had allergic reaction to it or similar drugs.

Do not take Nuelin if you have an active peptic ulcer or the disorder of an attack such as an epilepsy.

Special warnings.

If you are a smoker, your body will tend to process and get rid from Nuelin more likely quickly; thus, you, probably, should take more often doses than the non-smoker. Tell to your doctor if you start or stop to smoke. Even if you leave, the effect of fast carrying out of calculations can be late within 6 months by 2 years.

You should take Nuelin cautiously and at close medical supervision, if you – on age 60.

You should take also Nuelin cautiously and at close supervision if you had the maintained high fever or if you have intimate illness, illness of a liver, malfunction of palpation, a liquid in easy, underactive a thyroid gland, a flu or other virus illness, or attributes of impact.

Cause your doctor immediately if you develop a nausea, vomitting, a long headache, insomnia, restlessness, or also – fast palpation; if you develop new illness, is especial with a fever; or if illness which you already have, worsens.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.


Nuelin Extended Release Tablets

Usual initial dose – 1 Nuelin 150 mg tablet each 12 hours. If it is not effective, your doctor will gradually increase a dose while you do not answer, up to a maximum of 600 mg in day. As soon as you have adjusted to treatment, your doctor can be capable to put on you once a day the schedule of a dose.

Nuelin Spray

The usual initial dose – is no more, than 200 mg each 12 hours. If it is not effective, your doctor will gradually increase a dose while you do not answer, up to a maximum of 900 mg in day. If the dose each 12 hours is inconvenient, your doctor can divide daily total into 3 small doses taken each 8 hours.


Nuelin Extended Release Tablets

The maximal correct daily dosages are designed by weight of a body as follows.

It is less than 99 pounds – than 20 mg in 2.2 pounds up to a maximum of 600 mg

99 pounds or more – 600 mg

Nuelin Sprinkle

For children less than to 55 pounds, liquid drug recommend to establish an appropriate dosage before switching to Nuelin, spray. The maximal correct daily dosages are designed by weight of a body as follows:

Children 6 – 8 – 24 mg in 2.2 pounds

Children 9 – 11 – 20 mg in 2.2 pounds

Children 12 – 15 – 18 mg in 2.2 pounds


The senior adults, more probably, than people younger will be seriously mentioned Nuelin. Anyone on age 60 should not take more than 400 mg in day except for in special circumstances.

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