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Tarka Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Tarka is used for consider a high blood pressure. This prescription unites two blood pressures drugs: an inhibitor of the ACE and a blocker of the channel of calcium. The inhibitor of the ACE (trandolapril) lowers a blood pressure, preventing chemical in your blood named angiotensin I from transformation up to more powerful form which narrows blood vessels and salt of increases and water detention. The blocker of the channel of calcium (verapamil hydrochloride) also works to hold blood vessels open, and weakens working loading of heart, reducing force and norm of your palpation.

The most important facts.

Doctors usually order this prescription for patients, which took one of its components – trandolapril (Mavik) or verapamil of maintain – release (Calan CR, Isoptin CR)-, not showing improvement. Similarly to other treatments of a blood pressure, Tarka should be taken on a regular basis for this purpose to be effective. Since a blood pressure declines gradually, it can be required for some weeks before you receive full benefit Tarka; and you should continue to take it even if you feel well. Tarka does not cure a high blood pressure; it simply holds it at the control.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

Avoid Tarka if you ever had allergic reaction to it, or to verapamil or any of inhibitors of the ACE, switching Capoten, Vasotec, and Zestril.

You should avoid also Tarka if you have a low blood pressure or some types of intimate illness or irregular palpation. Make sure, that your doctor knows about any intimate problems which you can have.

Besides Tarka – not for you if you ever developed a swollen throat and the difficulty swallowing (angioedema) at a capture of an inhibitor of the ACE. Make sure, that your doctor knows about incident.

Special warnings.

Cause your doctor immediately if you start to transfer angioedema at capture Tarka. Attributes of the warning include inflating the person, lips, language, or a throat; inflating arms both legs; and the difficulty swallowing or breath.

The bee or poison bee, given prevents allergic reaction to stings can to cause serious allergic reaction on Tarka. The kidney dialysis can cause allergic reaction to a drug also.

This prescription sometimes causes a serious drop in a blood pressure. Danger is especially big if you took water pills (diuretic means) or if you have intimate illness, renal illness, or instability salt or potassium. An excessive sweating, a serious diarrhea, and vomitting – also threat. They can plunder weight of water, causing a dangerous drop in a blood pressure. If you feel like thoughtless or weak, you should lie and enter contact to your doctor immediately.

As other of inhibitors of the ACE, Capoten, as is known, caused serious disorders of blood, your doctor will check up your blood on a regular basis while you take Tarka. If you develop attributes of an infection such as the inflamed throat or a fever, you should enter contact to your doctor at once – the infection could be a signal of rejections of blood.

Tarka can mention also a liver so your doctor will execute tests of function of a liver periodically. Inform these attributes of problems of a liver to your doctor immediately: in general the feeling of a summary, a fever, hurts in the top correct stomach, or yellowing skin or white your eyes.

If you have an intimate condition, cardiac arrest, intimate malfunctions, renal illness, illness of a liver, a diabetes, or Duchenne’s dystrophy (the most usual type of a muscular dystrophy), make confident, that your doctor knows about it. Tarka it should be used with caution under these circumstances.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.


Tarka enters into four forces of verapamil of maintain – release and trandolapril. Your doctor will order dose Tarka which is to comparable doses which you took separately. Doses settle down from 1 up to 4 mg trandolapril and 180 – 240 mg of verapamil. Tarka – taken once a day with the foodstuffs.

If you harmed to a liver or renal function, your doctor will be adjust your dosage accordingly.


Safety and efficiency Tarka in children up to 18 have not been established.


If to you more than 65 years, you can be more sensitive to Tarka. Your doctor will supervise your blood pressure more close and adjust your dose of treatment accordingly.

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