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Tasmar Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Tasmar helps to reduce rigidity of a muscle, concussion, and the weakness caused by illness Parkinson’s. When taken with Sinemet (levodopa/carbidopa), it maintains levels of blood of the dopamine necessary for normal function of a muscle. As Tasmar, as is known, caused refusal of a liver, it is offered only when another Parkinson’s drugs is not capable to operate attributes.

Similarly to all treatments Parkinson’s, this prescription can provide the long-term help of attributes, but will not cure the basic illness. If your attributes do not improve after 3 weeks of therapy Tasmar, your doctor will stop a drug.

The most important facts.

Within the first several weeks of Tasmar to be ready to some side effects which appear most frequently in the beginning of therapy. Among opportunities: attacks of dizziness or weakening when you all over again rise, hallucinations, a nausea, and the increased rigidity. These problems tend to decrease with pass of time or reduction of yours Sinemet dosages. However, they have compelled to stop a little bit person therapy of this prescription.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

You should not take Tasmar if you have illness of a liver or have developed problems of a liver at use of this drug. You should avoid also Tasmar if it causes allergic reaction, or gives you high temperature, rigid muscles, or feeling of confusion.

Special warnings.

Because of possible effects Tasmar on a liver, your doctor should make blood checks to check up your function of a liver before you begin therapy Tasmar, then each 2 weeks within the first year, each 4 weeks during the following of 6 months, and each 8 weeks after that. Besides be emergency for any attribute of developing damage of a liver, such as color clay of stools, yellowing your skin and eyes, weariness, itching, loss of appetite, a nausea, dark urine, and a pain in the top correct stomach. Inform any such problems to your doctor immediately.

Especially in the beginning of therapy, Tasmar can cause the serious low blood pressure marked by a nausea, a sweating, dizziness, or weakening. To avoid these attributes, rise very slowly from placed or reclining position.

Hallucinations, most probably, will take place within the first 2 weeks after therapy. If these surfaces of a problem, inform on it to your doctor immediately.

The diarrhea, sometimes serious, is also an opportunity, is typical after 6 – 12 weeks of therapy. If it becomes a problem, let your doctor to know. Also be fast to inform your doctor if you develop a high fever, rigidity of a muscle, or the changed consciousness.

As Tasmar, as is known, caused drowsiness and mentioned intellectual and motor skills, you should avoid operational machines or the leader while you do not know how the drug mentions you.

Tasmar can cause a nausea, it is especial in the beginning of therapy, and sometimes increases rigidity of a muscle. Your attributes Parkinson’s can increase also, alongside with a fever and confusion when the drug is stopped. Your doctor will be adjust your other treatments carefully if Tasmar should be stopped.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.


Usual dose – 100 mg 3 times daily (each 6 hours). Take no more, than the total of 300 mg day if not is offered your doctor.

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