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Tazorac Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Tazorac gel is included into two forces, 0.05 % and 0.1 %. Both forces are used to consider type psoriasis which causes the big memorial boards on a skin. Force on 0.1 % also is used to consider moderate, to reduce obverse spots. This prescription is chemically connected to vitamin A.

The most important facts.

Tazorac can cause serious congenital defects. If you are a woman in your years of a birth of the child, do not use Tazorac if there is any chance, that you are pregnant women. Your doctor should give you test of pregnancy within 2 weeks after start Tazorac therapy, and you should take reliable measures of restriction of birth rate while you use a drug. If you casually become pregnant women, stop to use this prescription and cause your doctor immediately.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

If Tazorac gives you allergic reaction, you cannot continue to use it.

Special warnings.

Use Tazorac only on the mentioned areas of a skin. Be cautious to avoid your eyes and a mouth. Tazorac – for external use only.

Avoid a long exposure to the sun or ultra-violet lamps at use Tazorac. Apply a sun-protection cream (at least SPF 15), and carry protective clothes when you enter into a sunlight. If you are usually sensitive to a sunlight, especially cautious. If you have sunburn, wait, while it does not heal before use Tazorac.

This prescription can cause time feeling of burning or venomous. If this irritation excessively, or you develop extreme itching, burning, clarification, or reddening, stop to use Tazorac and cause your doctor. Not repeatedly begin therapy before your returnings a skin to normal. Never use Tazorac, while your skin inflamed.

While on Tazorac therapies, remember, that the extreme wind or a cold can cause irritation of a skin.

Safety and efficiency of this drug have not been checked up in children up to 12.

The possible foodstuffs and interactions of a drug at a capture of this Check of treatment with your doctor before association Tazorac with other treatments of a skin and cosmetics. Products of a skin which have drying effect, should not be used with Tazorac. If you used such products, wait for their effects to disappear before use Tazorac.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.


Apply the ordered gel to the mentioned areas once a day in the evening.

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