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Terazol Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Terazol is used to consider a candidiasis (a fungoid infection similar to yeast) vulvas and vaginas.

The most important facts.

Continue to use this prescription for the full working day of treatment even if the infection, apparently, disappears. If you stop too soon, the infection could come back. You should continue to use this medicine during your menstrual period.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

If you ever had allergic reaction on or are sensitive to terconazole or to any other components Terazol, you should not use this prescription. Make sure, that your doctor knows about any reactions of a drug which you have tested.

Special warnings.

If the irritation, allergic reaction, a fever, cools, or attributes similar to a flu develop at use of this prescription, notify your doctor.

To avoid re-infection at use Terazol, or to avoid the sexual relations or make sure, that your partner uses a non-latex condom.

Terazol 3 suppositories can cooperate with latex products such as diaphragms and some type of condoms. Use some other method of restriction of birth rate while you use Terazol.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.


Terazol 3 and Terazol 7 Vaginal Creams

Recommended dose – 1 full stick (5 grammes) the creams inserted into a vagina once daily during dream. Apply Terazol 3 within 3 consecutive days; apply Terazol 7 for 7.

Terazol 3 Vaginal Suppositories

Recommended dose – 1 suppositorie inserted into a vagina once daily during dream within 3 consecutive days.


Safety and efficiency have not been established in children.

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