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Thalitone Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Thalitone – diuretic means (a water pill) was in the habit to consider a high blood pressure and the liquid detention connected to close cardiac arrest, a cirrhosis of a liver of a liver (illness of the liver caused by damage to its cells), to a corticosteroid and therapy of an estrogen, and renal illness. When this prescription is used for a high blood pressure, Thalitone one can be used or in a combination with other high treatments of a blood pressure. Diuretic means help your body to make and eliminate more than urine which helps to lower a blood pressure.

The most important facts.

If you have a high blood pressure, you should take this prescription on a regular basis for this purpose to be effective. Since a blood pressure declines gradually, can be for some weeks before you receive full benefit Thalitone; and you should continue to take it even if you feel well. Thalitone does not cure a high blood pressure; it simply holds it at the control.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

If you are unable to be wetted or if you ever had allergic reaction on or are sensitive to chlorthalidone or to another sulfa drugs, do not take Thalitone.

Special warnings.

Diuretic means can force to lose your body too much potassium. Attributes of excessively low level potassium include weakness of a muscle and fast or irregular palpation. To raise your level potassium, your doctor can recommend food potassium-rich foodstuff or a capture of the appendix potassium.

Tell to your doctor if you ever had allergic reaction to other diuretic means or if you have an asthma, a kidney or illness of a liver, a gout, or lupus.

If you have a history of a bronchial asthma, you, more probably, will have allergic reaction on Thalitone.

Be cautious in hot weather to not become dehydrated. Contact your doctor if you test excessive thirst, weariness, restlessness, drowsiness, pains of a muscle or a spasm, a nausea, vomitting, either the increased intimate norm or pulse.

This prescription can worsen lupus erythematosus, illness of a connecting fabric.

Avoid a long exposure to a sunlight.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.

Your doctor tailor your individual dose to the lowest amount which delivers the satisfactory answer.

After the desirable control of a blood pressure or liquid detention has been achieved, your doctor can adjust your dose downwards.


Usual initial dose – a unique dose of 15 mg. Your doctor can increase a dose to 30 mg and then to 45 – to 50 mg once daily.


Usual initial dose – 30 – 60 mg daily or 60 mg in additional days. Some people can demand up to 90 – 120 mg in these intervals. Your doctor can be capable to lower a dose as treatment proceeds.

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