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Tolinase Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Tolinase – the oral antidiabetic drug accessible in the form of a tablet. This prescription lowers a level of sugar of blood, stimulating a pancreas to let out insulin. Tolinase it is possible to give as the appendix of therapy of a diet to help to operate type 2 of a diabetes ” not the dependent of insulin “.

There are two types of a diabetes: print 1 (the dependent of insulin) and print 2 ” not the dependent of insulin “. Print 1 diabetes, usually demands an injection of insulin for a life; type 2 can usually cope a diet changes, realization, and oral treatments of a diabetes. Sometimes – during the intense periods or times of illness or if oral treatments are not capable to work – type, 2 diabetics, probably, require injections of insulin.

The most important facts.

Always remember, that Tolinase – the help, not the assistant, a good diet and realization. Refusal to follow a normal diet and the plan of realization can conduct to serious complications, such as dangerously low levels of sugar of blood. Remember, also, that Tolinase – not the oral form of insulin, and it can not be used instead of insulin.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

Do not take this prescription if you are sensitive to this or ever had allergic reaction to it; if you suffer from diabetic ketoacidosis (the chemical instability conducting to a nausea, vomitting, confusion, and coma); or if you have type 1 (dependent by insulin) a diabetes and do not take insulin.

Special warnings.

It is possible, that drugs such as Tolinase can conduct to a lot of intimate problems than treatment of a diet, one, or a diet plus insulin. If you have an intimate condition, you can want to discuss it with your doctor.

Similarly to other oral antidiabetic drugs, Tolinase can make serious low sugar of blood (hypoglycemia) if the somnolence is wrong. At capture Tolinase, you are especially susceptible to episodes of low sugar of blood if:

You suffer from a problem of a liver or a kidney;

You have lack adrenal or pituitary hormones; or

You are more senior, a summary, or malnourished.

You – at the increased risk for a low episode of sugar of blood if you want to eat, training hardly, taking with alcohol, or using it is more than one drug lowering glucose.

Pay attention, that the episode of low sugar of blood can be difficult to recognize, whether you are the senior person or if you take a drug of a beta-blocker (Inderal, Lopressor, Tenormin, and others).

At switching to Tolinase from chlorpropamide (Diabinese), you should take special care to avoid an episode of low sugar of blood.

The pressure such as a fever, traumas, infections, or surgical operation can increase sugar of blood to essence, that you demand injections of insulin.

recommended dosage. No prescription required.

Your doctor will define the level of a dosage based on your needs.


Usual starting dose Tolinase of tablets for the moderate diabetic to moderately serious type 2 – 100 – 150 mg daily taken with a breakfast or the first main food.


If you – malnourished, weighing below norm, the senior person, or not eating properly, an initial dose – 100 mg once a day are usual. Refusal to follow a corresponding mode of a dosage can speed up hypoglycemia (low sugar of blood). If you do not adhere to your ordered dietary mode, you, more probably, will have the unsatisfactory answer to this prescription.

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