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Tranxene Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Tranxene belongs to a class drugs, known as benzodiazepines. This prescription is used in treatment of disorders of anxiety and for the short-term help of attributes of anxiety.

It also is used to reduce attributes of sharp withdrawal of alcohol and to help in consideration of some convulsive disorders such as an epilepsy.

The most important facts.

Tranxene can be forming a habit if taken on a regular basis for the long period. You can test attributes of withdrawal if you stop to use this drug sharply. Consult to your doctor before interruption Tranxene or creation of anyone change in your dose.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

If you are sensitive to or ever had allergic reaction on Tranxene, you should not take this prescription. Make sure, that your doctor knows about any reactions of a drug which you have tested.

Do not take this prescription if to you knew a condition of an eye as a sharp narrow – angular glaucoma.

The anxiety or the intensity connected every day to emphasize usually do not demand treatment with such strong drug. Discuss your attributes completely with your doctor.

Tranxene is not recommended for use in more serious conditions such as depression or serious psychological disorders.

Special warnings.

Tranxene can force to become you sleepy or less alarms; therefore, you should not drive or use dangerous machines or participate in any dangerous activity which demands full quick-wittedness while you do not know how this drug mentions you.

If you treat for the anxiety connected to depression, your doctor will make so that you have taken a low dose of this prescription. Do not increase your dose, not consulting with your doctor.

Elderly and people in the weakened condition are more inclined to become unstable or oversedated at capture Tranxene.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.



Usual daily dosage – 30 mg divided on some smaller doses. The normal daily dose can be so a little as 15 mg. Your doctor can increase a dosage gradually to the whole to 60 mg, according to your individual needs.

Tranxene can be also taken in a unique dose of time of dream. The initial dose – 15 mg, but your doctor will be adjust a dosage to satisfy your individual needs.

Tranxene-SD, 22.5 mg tablet, and Tranxene-SD Half of Force, 11.25 mg tablets, can be taken once each 24 hours. Your doctor can switch you to this form of a drug after you took Tranxene within several weeks.

The senior Adults

Usual starting dose – 7.5 to 15 mg in day.


Tranxene can be used in the program of multiday for the help of attributes of sharp withdrawal of alcohol.

Dosages usually increase for the first 2 days with 30 up to 90 mg and then 2 days decrease for the following to lower levels. After it, your doctor will gradually lower a dose still further, and will take you from a drug when you are ready.


Tranxene can be used in connection with an antiepileptic drugs. Follow recommended dosages carefully to avoid drowsiness.

Adults and Children more than 12 years

Starting dose – 7.5 mg 3 times day. Your doctor can increase a dosage by 7.5 mg in a week to a maximum of 90 mg in day.

Children 9 – 12 years

Starting dose – 7.5 mg two times day. Your doctor can increase a dosage by 7.5 mg in a week to a maximum of 60 mg in day.

Safety and efficiency in children less than 9 years of age have not been established.

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