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Triavil Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Triavil is used to consider anxiety, excitement, and depression. This prescription – a combination a tricyclic energizer (amitriptyline) and a tranquilizer (perphenazine).

Triavil loss of appetite, or delay of physical and intellectual reactions can help also to people with schizophrenia (the deformed feeling of the validity) who is oppressed also people with insomnia, weariness, loss of interest.

The most important facts.

Triavil can cause tardive a dyskinesia – the condition marked by a unintentional muscle is reduced and twitches in the person and a body. This condition can be constant and it seems, the most usual among elderly, especially women. Ask your doctor the information on this possible risk.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

You should not use this prescription if you take drugs which slow down the central nervous system, including alcohol, barbiturates, sedatives, antihistamines, or drugs.

Triavil should not be used, if you recover from recent heart attack or if you have a wrong condition of a bone brain. Avoid Triavil if you ever had allergic reaction on phenothiazines.

People which take an energizer drugs, known as MAO inhibitors (switching Nardil and Parnate), should not take Triavil.

Special warnings.

Before use Triavil, tell to your doctor if you ever had: the condition of an eye known as a glaucoma; difficulty urinating; a chest cancer; attacks; heart, a liver, or illness of a thyroid gland; or if you – exposed to extreme high temperature or pesticides. Know, that Triavil can mask attributes of a brain tumour, intestinal blocking, and overdose of another drugs.

The nausea, headache, and general hostility can be terminated, if you suddenly stop to take Triavil. Follow instructions of your doctor close at interruption Triavil. If your dose is gradually reduced, you can test irritability, restlessness, and to dream and disorders of dream, but these effects will not last.

This drug can harm to your ability drive the automobile or use potentially dangerous machines. Do not participate in any actions which demand full vigilance if you are unsure about your ability.

If you develop a fever which has no other reason, to stop to take Triavil and to cause your doctor.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.

Your doctor will individualize your dose.

You should not take more than 4 tablets Triavil of 4-50 or 8 tablets of any other force in one day. It can be some days by several weeks before you notice any improvement.


For Non-Psychotic Anxiety and Depression

Usual dose – 1 tablet Triavil 2-25 or 4-25 taken 3 or 4 times day, or 1 tablet Triavil 4-50 taken two times day.

For Anxiety in People with Schizophrenia

Usual dose – 2 tablets Triavil 4-25 taken 3 times day. Your doctor can tell to you to take other tablet Triavil 4-25 during dream if it is necessary.

If you continued to take Triavil, your doctor will probably make so that you have taken 1 tablet Triavil 2-25 or 4-25 with 2 up to 4 times day or 1 tablet Triavil 4-50 two times day.


Children should not use Triavil.


For Anxiety

Usual dose – 1 tablet Triavil 4-10, taken 3 or 4 times day. People in these age groups usually take Triavil in lower doses.

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