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Trilafon Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Trilafon is used to consider schizophrenia and to operate a serious nausea and tearing in adults. This prescription – a member phenothiazine families treatments which includes such drugs as Mellaril, Stelazine, and Thorazine.

The most important facts.

Trilafon can cause tardive a dyskinesia, the condition marked by a unintentional muscle is reduced and twitches in the person and a body, including chewing of movements, puckerings, a puffing of a cheek, and to endure language. This condition can be constant and it seems, the most usual among the senior adults, especially senior women. Ask your doctor behind the additional information on this possible risk.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

People which are coma or who – at the reduced levels of consciousness or vigilance, should not take Trilafon. If those who takes plenties of any substance which slows down brain function, including barbiturates, alcohol, drugs, murderers of a pain, and antihistamines.

Trilafon is necessary to avoid also people which have disorders of blood, problems of a liver, or brain damage, this prescription cannot be taken anyone which is supersensitive to its components or connected drugs.

Special warnings.

Drugs such as Trilafon is capable to a call of potentially fatal condition known as Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome. Attributes include a high fever, rigidity of a muscle, has changed the intellectual status, a changeable blood pressure, fast or irregular palpation, and an excessive sweating. If any of these attributes develops, see your doctor immediately; Trilafon therapy should be stopped.

Also inform about any essential increase in a body temperature to the doctor. It could be the early warning, that you cannot admit a drug.

Result in readiness of your doctor before capture Trilafon if you pass withdrawal of alcohol, suffer from convulsions or attacks, or have the depressive disorder. You should use a drug with caution.

Caution also is guaranteed, if you have renal problems or breath of trouble. The doctor will periodically supervise your kidney, and the liver functions and checks your analysis of blood for possible side effects.

Be convinced, that have allowed the doctor to know, whether you ever had a chest cancer. Trilafon stimulates manufacture of a hormone which advances growth of some types of tumours.

Know, that Trilafon can harm to the intellectual or physical abilities necessary drive the automobile or use heavy machines. Also, avoid a long exposure to the sun as Trilafon can increase sensitivity light.

Ignition of a stomach, dizziness, nausea, vomitting, and concussions can be terminated, if Trilafon is stopped suddenly. Therapy should be stopped only at supervision of the doctor.

Trilafon is not recommended for children more youngly 12 years.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.

Dosage Trilafon – adjusted according to gravity of a condition and effect of a drug. Doctors aspire to the lowest effective dose


Usual initial dosage Trilafon of tablets – 4 – 8 mg 3 times daily, up to the maximal daily dose of 24 mg. To hospitalized patients usually give 8 – 16 mg to 24 times daily, up to the maximal daily dose of 64 mg.


For this problem, usual dosage Trilafon of tablets – 8 – 16 mg daily divided into smaller doses. Up to 24 mg daily it is sometimes necessary.

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