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Trinalin Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Trinalin and Rynatan – for a long time working antihistamine of means which reduce nasal stuffiness and the average congestion of an ear caused by a hay fever and proceeding nasal ignition. They can be used one or with antibiotics and sedatives such as aspirin or acetaminophen. Azatadine, an antihistamine in these products, reduces itching and inflating and dries up concealment from a nose, eyes, and a throat. Pseudoephedrine, decongestant, reduces a nasal congestion and makes breath by easier.

The most important facts.

This prescription can cause drowsiness. You should not drive or use dangerous machines or participate in any dangerous activity which demands full quick-wittedness while you do not know how you react to this prescription.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

These products need to be avoided, if you have a narrow – angular glaucoma or difficulty urinating if you take one of an energizer drugs, known as MAO inhibitors or have taken one within the last two weeks if you have a serious high blood pressure, serious intimate illness, or an overactive thyroid gland or if you are sensitive to or ever had allergic reaction to any of its{her} components. This drug should not be used to consider an asthma and other lower respiratory illnesses of the treatise.

Special warnings.

These products should be used with care if you have a peptic ulcer or other top intestinal barrier, a barrier of a bubble because of the increased prostate or other problems of a bubble, a history of a bronchial asthma, intimate illness, a high blood pressure, has increased pressure of an eye, or a diabetes.

Pseudoephedrine can be forming a habit in high doses. Remember, that this prescription can force to feel like you sleepy. There will be a cautious movement, operational machines, or devices of use.

Products can cause dizziness, extreme calmness (calm), and a low blood pressure in people in the age of 60 and. It, also is more probable, will cause such side effects as confusion, convulsions, hallucinations, and death in this age group.

Recommended dosage.


Usual dosage – 1 tablet two times day.

Children under age 12 should not take these products.

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