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Trizivir Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Trizivir is united, three drugs the fatal virus which undermines immune system was in the habit to struggle from a HIV, leaving a body, ever more vulnerable to an infection, and finally conducting to AIDS. Components of this prescription – all members of a category of a HIV drugs, known as analogues of nucleoside:

Abacavir (also named Ziagen)

Lamivudine (also named Epivir or 3TC)

Zidovudine (also named Retrovir, AZT, or ZDV)

Trizivir one can be ordered or in a combination with other HIV drugs. It reduces amount of a HIV in a blood-groove, but completely does not cure illness. You can still develop rare infections and other complications which accompany with a HIV. Remember, also, that Trizivir does not reduce risk of transfer of a virus another.

The most important facts.

Abacavir (Ziagen) a component of this prescription which can cause serious, it is possible fatal allergic reaction. You should stop to take Trizivir and to search for direct health services if you develop any of the following attributes: a belly pain, pains of a body, cough, a diarrhea, extreme weariness, a fever, general hostility, a nausea, a short wind, a rash of the skin, the inflamed throat, vomitting. These attributes usually appear within the first 6 weeks of therapy, but can take place any time during treatment. If they occur, do not take other dose Trizivir while you did not see your doctor.

If you should stop to take Trizivir because of this allergic reaction, you never should take Trizivir or Ziagen again. As soon as you had such reaction, taking any drug could conduct to death within hours.

When your instruction for Trizivir is filled, the pharmacist will give you ” a card of the warning ” which enters into the list attributes of allergic reaction. Be convinced, that read it and bore it with you.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

Do not take Trizivir if you ever had allergic reaction to it abacavir a component (or in Trizivir it it is direct or as drug Ziagen).

You also cannot take this prescription if you weigh less than 90 pounds or have serious renal illness

Special warnings.

Trizivir, as is known, caused problems of a liver and a serious medical condition named a dairy acidosis. This condition, more probably, will develop in women, people which are heavy, those because of danger of illness of a liver, and patients who took analogues of nucleoside during long time. Your doctor will execute tests of blood to supervise for a dairy acidosis. Besides be emergency to warn attributes of a problem, such as a constant nausea and weariness, and to notify your doctor if they occur. Be convinced, that have allowed your doctor to know, whether you had problems of a liver in the past. Trizivir it is not recommended under these circumstances.

Treatment with Trizivir can cause serious disorders of blood, including an anemia (low a red blood cell count) and neutropenia (low a white cell count). You should execute often tests of blood while you take Trizivir.

Long treatment with Trizivir has potential to cause illnesses of muscles. Be convinced, that have told to your doctor about any pain of a muscle or weakness which you test.

If you also have a hepatites of an infection of liver B, there is a chance, that it will worsen, if treatment with Trizivir is stopped.

Treatment from a HIV drugs, switching Trizivir, sometimes causes redistribution of fat of a body, coming to an end in the added weight around of a waist, ” a hump of Buffalo ” fat on the top return, chest expansion, and running low persons, arms, and legs. It is not known, why it occurs, or it could have what long-term effects.

Recommended dosage. No prescription required.


Recommended dose Trizivir – 1 tablet twice daily with or without the foodstuffs.


Trizivir is not intended for children and teenagers who weigh less than 90 pounds. Teenagers who weigh more than 90 pounds, receive an adult dose.

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