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In the online drugs(medicines) information about usage, warnings, and dosage on prescription drugs we tried to note those features, with which earlier on others internet sites and online pharmacies not was given of due attention. But just these qualities of drugs play the largest role in the treatment.

On our site you will find the most complete description of prescription medications online, feature of their application and very detailed the description dosages, prescribed at various treatments.

Prescription – Required or No?

Sale of pharmaceutical prescription drugs under the recipe of the doctor speaks care of the state of safety of his citizens. A problem of the doctor, appointing the drug, is not only aspiration to reach desirable medical effect, but also to provide safety of the patient, only the professional doctor has necessary set of knowledge to expect all aspects of reception of a drug.

Specific features of the patient, other illnesses, interaction with other prescriptions online drugs can influence essentially the decision to appoint the certain drug and a mode of its reception.

During too time, a number of diseases in the easy form which is not representing to direct danger to the general condition of the patient and giving in to safe enough treatment by prescriptions with insignificant contra-indications and side effects, falls under the concept of responsible self-treatment “no prescription” medications and drugs.

The term means ” responsible self-treatment “, that the patient takes up the responsibility for results of self-treatment. Also responsible self-treatment means, that the patient owns the information on an accepted drug and realizes, that

– The drug is not a usual consumer goods as specially contains the substance having powerful action on an organism;
– There are no absolutely safe prescription drugs;
– There are no drugs with guaranteed action;
– The RX drugs accepted simultaneously, can cooperate with each other;

The patient should be sure, that has the information on interaction of a drug and the special conditions:

– Pregnancy, feeding;
– Chronic diseases;
– The employment demanding reaction and attention (for example, driving of the automobile, sports, work with the equipment, etc.);
– Children’s or advanced age;
– A diet, the use of alcoholic drinks;

That else the patient can make to lower risks of reception a “without prescription” drug:

– Really closely to read the instruction on application;
– To set 2-3 questions to the pharmacist in a drugstore concerning disease and a got prescription;
– Never to suppose a superfluous dosage of drugs in relation to specified in the instruction;
– To address to the doctor, if:
— Self-treatment does not give expected effect;
— Unusual reactions of an organism are observed during reception of a drug.

The effects of self-medication can be harmful and potentially life-threatening!
Consult your doctor, and get prescription!