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Usage of Zerit without doctor’s consultation.

Zerit – one of prescriptions, was in the habit to struggle with a human virus of immune insufficiency (HIV) – the fatal reason of AIDS. It is usually offered for people which already took a drug of HIV Retrovir during the expanded period. The HIV attacks immune system, slowly destroying ability of a body to beat off an infection. Zerit helps to prevent an attack, interrupting ability of a virus to reproduce.

Attributes and attributes of an infection of a HIV include a diarrhea, a fever, a headache, infections, problems with nervous system, a rash, the inflamed throat, and essential loss of weight.

The most important facts.

Though Zerit can slow down promotion of an infection of a HIV, it – not treatment. Because of proceeding danger of complications and infections, you should receive often physical examinations and analyses of blood. Be convinced to notify, also, your doctor immediately if you test any changes in your general health.

Why should this prescription not be prescribed?

If Zerit gives you allergic reaction, you should not take this prescription.

Special warnings.

Remember, that Zerit does not prevent distribution of a HIV through sexual contact or contacts to infected blood.

Zerit, as is known, caused serious and even fatal damage of a liver, it is especial in women, heavy individuals, and people who took Zerit or similar treatments during long time. The risk increases, if you consider with combination Zerit, Videx, and hydroxyurea. Attributes of a problem of a liver include weakness, weariness, a belly pain, a nausea, vomitting, and a short wind. If you develop these attributes, cause your doctor immediately; with Zerit, probably, it is necessary to stop treatment. Also be convinced, that have told to the doctor if you ever had a problem of a liver or tend to abuse alcohol; the doctor will observe especially close of any attribute of a problem of a liver.

This prescription can cause also serious and even fatal pancreatitis, it is especial if you had a problem, in the past suffer from bilious stones, or alcoholic drinks of a drink. United Zerit with Videx increases risk. Check up with your doctor immediately if you develop such attributes pancreatitis as a pain of a stomach, a nausea, or vomitting; to you, probably, it is necessary to stop treatment with Zerit. If you have any of risk factors for pancreatitis, make sure, that the doctor knows about it.

One of more general and dangerous side effects Zerit – a problem named a peripheral neuropathy, a serious condition in which some nerves are damaged. If you notice tolerance, a tingling, or a pain in your hands or legs, notify your doctor immediately. With Zerit, probably, it is necessary to stop treatment.

Other side effect noticed in some people, receiving medicines for a HIV – redistribution of fat of a body, conducting to additional fat around of the middle, ” a hump of Buffalo ” on a back part, and running low in hands, legs, and the person. Researchers do not know, whether represents it a long-term problem of health whether or not.

Benefit which you receive from Zerit, cannot last for a long time. If your attributes start to worsen, tell to your doctor immediately.

recommended dosage. No prescription required.


For the adults weighing of 132 pounds or more, a usual dose – 40 mg each 12 hours. For those less than 132 pounds, a dose – 30 mg each 12 hours.


Usual starting dose for children weighing less than 66 pounds – 1 mg in 2.2 pounds of weight of a body each 12 hours. Children weighing of 66 pounds or should take an adult dose more.

The dosage frequently decreases for people with renal problems.

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