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Zoladex Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Zoladex reduces attributes of the advanced cancer of a prostate in men and the advanced chest cancer in women. In a combination with other forms of therapy, it also is offered during treatment of an early cancer of a prostate.

Besides can be used in treatment endometriosis, a condition in which the fabric from alignment of a uterus interferes in a stomach. If you are planned for surgical removal of alignment, the drug can be used to thin alignment before action.

Zoladex works, reducing levels in men and an estrogen in women. These hormones can encourage growth of some cancer educations.

The most important facts.

Attributes can worsen actually within the first several weeks of therapy. However, as levels of a hormone fall down, you should start to feel improvement.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

If Zoladex gives you allergic reaction, it cannot be used. This prescription needs to be avoided also during pregnancy and feeding by a breast and if you have not explained wrong vaginal bleeding. Women of age of a birth of the child should use not hormonal contraceptive measures at capture Zoladex.

Special warnings.

Zoladex therapy can weaken bones and hurt a bone. In men at treatment for a cancer of a prostate, it, as is known, caused osteoporosis and crises. If you – heavy drinking, smoke much, have members of family with fragile bones, or take drugs (such as Dilantin) or steroids, make sure, that your doctor knows about a situation.

Men with blocking in a pipe from a kidney up to a bubble (ureter) or a case of compression of a spinal cord should receive treatment for these conditions before beginning Zoladex therapy.

About serious allergic reactions, including beehives and being inflated by lips and throats, informed with drugs, similar Zoladex. If these attributes occur, cause your doctor immediately.

When it is given with sexual hormones, Zoladex can conduct to superexcitation ovaries. It, as is known, caused ovarian.

Women should remember, what even that Zoladex stops a menstruation, it is possible to become pregnant if you miss a dose. Since then Zoladex could harm to the developing child, it is important to observe strict contraceptive precautions everywhere on Zoladex therapies.

If you take Zoladex to reduce endometriosis, your doctor can recommend to limit therapies of replacement of a hormone effects of the reduced levels of an estrogen that consequence Zoladex therapy.

recommended dosage. No prescription required.

As a rule, the doctor will introduce a dose of 3.6 mg each 4 weeks. Treatment for endometriosis does not last more than 6 months. Therapy of a cancer in general proceeds for longer term.

For a cancer of a prostate, the doctor can operate longer long introduction of 10.8 mg each 12 weeks. When this prescription is given with Flutamide, treatment – one 3.6-millgram the introduction accompanied with one 10.8 mg with introduction 4 a week after.

If the drug is used in drug for endometrial surgical operation, you receive 1, or 2 introduces before action.

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