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Zonegran Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Zonegran helps to reduce frequency partial epileptic attacks, the form of an epilepsy in which nervous disorders are limited to the certain area of a brain, and Victim is necessary to understand during an attack. This prescription is used in a combination with other treatments of an antiattack, not separately.

The most important facts.

Do not stop to take this drug independently. If the doctor decides to stop Zonegran, it will tell to you how to be narrowed slowly. Sharp termination Zonegran can cause attacks.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

Do not take this prescription if you are allergic on sulfa drugs such as Bactrim.

Special warnings.

If you develop a rash at capture Zonegran, cause your doctor immediately. It could be the attribute of allergic reaction.

Zonegran can cause drowsiness. Do not make drive the automobile, or use dangerous machines while you do not know how the drug mentions you.

People which take Zonegran, are inclined to develop renal stones. To reduce risk of stone formation, be convinced, that drank set of liquids. Cause your doctor immediately if you develop attributes of renal stones such as a return pain, a belly pain, a painful urination, or blood in urine.

Cause your doctor if you start to bruise easily or to develop a fever, the inflamed throat, or bubbles in a mouth. They could be attributes of an anemia or other problems of blood which Zonegran, as is known, caused in very rare cases.

Contact your doctor immediately if your attacks worsen.

This prescription can collide ability of the child to sweat and operate a body temperature, conducting to a medical emergency. Zonegran it is not approved for use in children up to 16.

recommended dosage. No prescription required.


Recommended starting dose for adults on age 16 – 100 mg once a day.

Your doctor can wish to increase a dose by 100 mg each 2 weeks to a maximum of 600 mg in day. The big doses can be divided into two smaller doses taken two times day.

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