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Usage of Zyban without doctor’s consultation.

Zyban – left – smoking the help without nicotine. Instead of nicotine, it contains the same active component as treatment of energizer Wellbutrin. It works, raising levels of several chemical messengers in a brain. With a plenty of these chemicals on work, you test reduction of attributes of withdrawal of nicotine and easing of belief to smoke. It is more than one third of people which take Zyban at participation in the program of support, is capable to leave smoking within at least 1 month. Zyban can appear also useful when people with conditions such as a chronic bronchitis and an emphysema decide, that there has come time to leave.

The most important facts.

Approximately 1 person in 1000 transfers an attack to capture of Zyban. For this reason, people with an epilepsy and confident other disorders never should take a prescription. Do not divide Zyban with friends. Only the doctor can solve, whether it is safe for a specific individual.

Why should this prescription not be prescribed?

As Zyban, as is known, caused convulsions, anybody with the disorder of an attack should not take this drug. Also avoid Zyban if you take Wellbutrin or any other drug which contains bupropion, active component Zyban. Than it is more bupropion which you take, especially probably, you should have an attack.

The causing attack potential Zyban is more in people with the food disorder of type bulimia or an anorexia, and in what test sharp withdrawal from alcohol, soothing means, and tranquilizers such as Librium and Valium. If you do not suffer from one of these problems, never take Zyban. Avoid it, also, if you take a drug classified as MAO an inhibitor, such as energizers Nardil and Parnate. Let at least to 14 days to transfer between a capture of one of them drugs and start of your therapy Zyban.

If bupropion or any other component in this prescription to you, allergic reaction, a drug – not for you ever allowed.

Special warnings.

As chance of an attack from increases Zyban with quantity in your system, never take more than one 150-mg tablet simultaneously, and limit your full daily consumption by 2 doses (300 mg).

A variety of conditions can predispose you to attacks, switching:

Previous main damages

Previous attacks

The central tumours of nervous system

Cirrhosis of a liver of a liver

It is too much alcohol

Sharp withdrawal from alcohol, tranquilizers, or soothing means

Propensity to drugs or cocaine

Use of lawful stimulants or pills of a diet

Use of treatments of a diabetes

Use of energizers, the main tranquilizers, steroids, or theophylline

If any of them addresses to you, uses Zyban with care. If you really have an attack at capture Zyban, stop to take a drug and never take it again.

Stop to take this prescription and cause your doctor immediately if you have breath of difficulty or swallowing; notice inflating in your person, lips, language, or a throat; develop swollen arms and legs; or flash with itching eruptions. They warn attributes of potentially serious allergic reaction.

If you have a liver or a renal condition, make sure, that the doctor knows about it. Your dosage, probably, should be reduced. (If you have a serious cirrhosis of a liver of a liver, your dosage should be reduced.) Also make by the some, that the doctor knows about any intimate condition which you can have.

Zyban can collide your ability of movement. Do not make drive, or use dangerous machines while you are not sure concerning effect of a drug on you.

recommended dosage. No prescription required.


Usual starting dose – one 150 mg tablet in the morning within the first 3 days. After that, take one 150-mg tablet in the morning and another early in the evening. Keep doses at least at arm’s length 8 hours. The maximum recommended, that the dose was 300 mg daily.

Continue to take Zyban during 7 – 12 weeks. Your doctor can recommend proceeding treatment for till 6 months.

Kidney and Illness of the Liver

Your doctor can reduce frequency of your doses to avoid high levels of blood Zyban. If you have a serious cirrhosis of a liver of a liver, you should take no more, than 150 mg in day.


Safety and efficiency of Zyban have not been established in children up to 18.

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