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Zyflo Usage without doctor’s consultation.

Zyflo tablets prevent and reduce attributes of a chronic asthma. This prescription works, weakening muscles within the precincts of your air lines, allowing them to open more widely, and reducing ignition, inflating, and concealment of slime in easy.

The most important facts.

Zyflo, as is known, caused damage of a liver. Be convinced, that saw your doctor everyone some months for tests of function of a liver.

Why should this medicine not be prescribed?

If you have illness of a liver, you should not take this prescription. You should avoid also Zyflo if you ever had allergic reaction to it or its components.

Special warnings.

Zyflo will not help a sharp attack of an asthma in which immediate opening of air lines is necessary.

If you find, that you should use your other treatments of an asthma—such as an inhaler—more frequently, inform on it to your doctor.

As Zyflo can mention a liver, make sure, that your doctor knows about any problems which you had in the past. Warn the doctor, also, if you – heavy drinking. Your function of a liver will be checked up before you start Zyflo, and is regular after that. Be convinced, that have engaged in these tests. If they show damage of a liver, you should stop to take Zyflo. Also be convinced, that have told to your doctor immediately if you develop any attributes of illness of a liver. They include a pain in the top correct stomach, a nausea, weariness, a lethargy, itching, the common discomfort, and a jaundice (yellowing skin and an eye).

recommended dosage. No prescription required.

ADULTS Recommended dosage – one 600 mg tablet 4 times day.


Safety and efficiency of this drug in children less than 12 years of age have not been established.

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